Your personal style all begins in your closet, which understandably can be very frustrating, time consuming and downright intimidating. However, assessing your current wardrobe is the key to understanding where you are now style-wise and where you would like to be. We’ll begin by going through all items (yes all!) in your closet to gain a better understanding of how you shop. We’ll determine what you wear frequently and what you have not worn in 6 months, 9 months or a year or longer. At that time we’ll keep what works for now, store what works for later and purge all that does not make the cut. We all have those items that are so hard to get rid of, I get it, but rest assured, I’ll also have bags available for donations or even to secondhand retailers for a potential profit. When we finalize the Closet Overhaul, we’ll take another look at the items we’ve held onto and will begin creating your new wardrobe extending off of these pieces. We’ll end by taking note of any closet gaps or holes and discuss how to fill them to achieve your styling goals. If you’d prefer to continue with my help in this area, we can then proceed with a personal shopping process that works best for you.

A Closet Styling service includes:

  • A preliminary style consultation to assess individual needs (free)
  • Personal style assessment
  • Closet purge
  • Re-styling ‘keepers’ with new outfit ideas
  • Personal shopping agenda to fill in gaps

*CVH Styling is not responsible for any lost or stolen packages while in transit. Please report any questions or concerns of this nature to the appropriate shipping carrier.